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4 Simple Tricks to Fix Headphones Not Working on Windows 10

That seems to be a risk that you will bear when deciding to improve the quality of your computer system. It is such as the headphones not working on Windows 10, as an example. Even so, many people still find a lot of incompatibility with their devices after updating to this system. Some of them lose their microphone performance, and many more Actually, upgrading your system is more economical than buying a new PC. However, are you sorry that you reinstalled? Regret will not solve the problem of computer headphones not working in Windows 10.

headphones not working on windows 10

Fix the headphones not working on Windows 10 in two ways:

You must feel guilty when you cannot hear the voice of the person with whom you ask to talk. Besides feeling it, you also become annoyed and miss communication. Fix your headphones as soon as possible, at least using one of the methods below:

Change the headphones as a default device:

  • Hold the Windows keys and press the X button on the keyboard.
  • See the pop-up menu and click Control Panel.
  • Change your display to the category. Afterward, click Hardware and Sound.
  • Click Sounds.
  • Select headphones or speakers and click Set Default.
  • Click Okay.

Fix the audio driver

This way needs third parties, and it takes the example of Driver Easy. Download and install it first before you continue to the next steps:

  • Click Scan Now using Driver Easy and see if it detects the problem.
  • Click Update All or Just Update. (optional)

Continue to Methods 3 and 4 to get the solution

Calm down and keep searching to find the solution. Here are two resolutions that may be suitable for you:

Use Realtek HD Audio Manager to change the setting:

  • Download and install the Realtek HD Audio Manager, complete with the Realtek audio driver.
  • Open it.
  • Please click the small folder icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Find “Disable Jack front panel detection” and tick the small box.
  • Click Okay

Uninstall the IDT audio device as the last method:

  • Hold the Windows logo and press the X.
  • Click Control Panel from your pop-up menu.
  • Choose the large icon and continue to click Programs and Features.
  • Remove IDT Audio Drivers and Uninstall
  • Restart your PC.

Those are the 4 ways to enable the headphones not working in Windows 10. Try them all until you really find the most suitable way to solve them. By the way, you may share your experience if you have one. On the other hand, you can share the information above.

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