The FCC Today Via ‘Data Roaming’ Again Illegally Power Grabs the Internet

Less Government President and Editor in Chief Seton Motley is disappointed but not at all surprised that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has today again dramatically overreached its non-existent legal authority and commandeered control of another huge swath of the private, free market.

This time it’s the FCC declaring themselves overlords of the myriad contractual agreements and relationships between cellular phone service providers. On December 21st, they voted themselves wired broadband Internet Czars.

In neither instance did they have the Congressional authority to do so. In both instances they have made the government the ultimate authority over the Internet.

Less Government President and Editor in Chief Seton Motley:

The FCC’s contempt for the free market, this Congress and the Constitution continues unabated. Today’s vote to unnecessarily and illegally insert itself into the otherwise very successful world of inter-provider data roaming agreements is incredibly destructive – and obnoxious.

“The FCC in December voted themselves wired broadband Internet Overlords – but much to the Media Marxists’ chagrin were less oppressively constricting of wireless broadband. So today they voted themselves a second venomous bite at the apple – and put a government