Obama Administration Should Not Willfully Ignore Supreme Court, Congress, FEC, American People and Constitution to Ram Through Anti-First Amendment DISCLOSE Act by Regulatory Fiat

Less Government President and StopNetRegulation.org Editor in Chief Seton Motley is unsurprised by the latest Obama Administration effort to bypass every avenue of Constitutional governance so as to unilaterally jam through new regulations – large swaths of the absurd anti-First Amendment DISCLOSE Act.

Which was a last-minute pre-2010 election legislative attempt to reimpose large portions of the McCain-Feingold free speech assault law – with a partisan exemption carved out for pro-Democrat unions.

The Supreme Court had in large portions rightly thrown out McCain-Feingold in January 2010.

The Democrats’ DISCLOSE Act failed miserably, as Congress rightly rejected the bill.

Democrat Federal Election Commission (FEC) Commissioners then ignored the Supreme Court, Congress and the Constitution and tried to unilaterally impose large parts of the DISCLOSE Act – but rightly failed because of the opposition of the Republican Commissioners.

None of this Constitutional opposition or these repeated failures matter a whit to the Obama Administration – which is now looking to unilaterally impose the DISCLOSE Act by Executive Order.

Less Government President and StopNetRegulation.org Editor in Chief Seton Motley:

“The Barack Obama Administration has again and again and again willfully ignored all aspects of Constitutional governance to instead ram through new regulations via executive branch fiat.

“The FCC with Network Neutrality, the EPA with Cap & Trade, the NLRB with Card Check, and on and on and on. And now Obama directly with his Executive Order to impose the anti-First Amendment DISCLOSE Act.

“No amount of Constitutional opposition matters to him. Chillingly, for Obama his uber-Leftist ends justify any means.

“Obama’s latest effort to bypass all forms of consensual government – so as to silence the free speech of his political opponents – must not be allowed to come to pass.”

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