Hey, FCC Commissioner Clyburn: The States Are Just Trying to Protect Themselves From An Out of Control, Blindly Foolish Federal Government

Less Government President and StopNetRegulation.org Editor in Chief Seton Motley understands the decision by several states to pass laws preventing their cities from going into the taxpayer-funded broadband Internet business – in direct competition with existing private sector Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Motley finds the states’ actions especially reasonable given the $7.2 billion in broadband “stimulus” the federal government has blindly thrown around over the last two years. Which has again and again failed in its charge to connect the unconnected – but has time and again succeeded in slamming private ISPs with government money competitors.

And considering – as Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Mignon Clyburn reminds them and us – these states face the looming imposition of the National Broadband Plan. Which they cannot help but think will be administered in just as haphazard a fashion as has been the broadband “stimulus.”

Which will only create more uncertainty – and an evaporation of private Internet investment nationwide, as no one will know if or when the next government money opponent will be dropped on their heads.

Less Government President and StopNetRegulation.org Editor in Chief Seton Motley:

“FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn’s opposition to these states’ reasonable, federalist actions appears to occur in a fact-free vacuum – as if she is unaware of the tremendous damage being done to private ISPs and the entire broadband marketplace by the federal government’s broadband ‘stimulus.’ And the additional destruction likely to come from the National Broadband Plan if it is administered in the same clueless manner.

“Commissioner Clyburn scolding these states – for doing what they think is best for them – reveals she seems to have also missed November’s election. In which the American people voted overwhelmingly for smaller, more accountable government – and against the top-down, ‘Washington Knows Best’ approach of this FCC and the Obama Administration.

The federal government rushes to spend $7.2 billion to allegedly connect the unconnected to the Internet – without any idea of who is unconnected. Two plus years later they finally release the first draft of the map that shows who is unconnected. Which means they spent that two plus years blindly flailing