College IS for Dummies: Obama’s War on Education Innovation

One of my life’s maxims is:

Education and knowledge are often mutually exclusive.

With the Barack Obama Administration’s all-out assault on the for-profit higher education industry, one of the books I have long intended to write is becoming ever more true:

College IS for Dummies.

We the People who closely follow politics have assuredly noticed an incessant trend on Talking Head TV.  Very often the Leftist debater is – a college professor.  Often teaching some very Leftist, completely pointless “scholastic” field.

For instance, National Review’s John Derbyshire rightly calls for an end to all collegiate programs that end in the word “Studies.”  Do a little Web search, and you’ll quickly reach the same conclusion.

The point being – college campuses are rife with hard Left ideologues posing as “educators.” Hiding there because their worldview doesn’t jibe with Reality.

And because they are paid handsomely to spout utter nonsense to the next generations – at a $100,000+ premium to the victims…I mean students.

The new meat can’t even get through orientation – the indoctrination is already underway.

Is this claptrap Leftist racket worth your time and considerable coin?  Hardly.

The Obama Administration certainly sees it exactly this way, given all they’ve done to further government-ize it all.

The Left does little better than funding its fellow travelers with our money.

We already have myriad federal government collegiate funding streams.  Scholarshipsfellowshipsgrants, and on and on and on and….

Then came the Age of Obama.

Beginning with ObamaCare – for which the federal government nationalized the entire college loan industry.  Lock, stock and toga – swallowed up by the Leviathan.  In a feeble, tiny attempt to try to offset the ginormous cost of the Leviathan swallowing whole the private sector health care industry.

Flash forward a bit.  Can you in the very near future see the federal government waiving your mountain of college debt – meaning We the People pick up the tab – in exchange for some time spent community organizing?  I certainly can.


Now the Obama Administration is going after the one facet of higher education that still retains some remnants of private sector freedom and rationality – the for-profit colleges and universities.

And they are doing so in the unilateral, Congress-free fashion that has become an Administration hallmark.

These Agencies, Departments, Commissions and Boards can’t legally do anything unless and until Congress writes a law giving them the authority.

As we’ve seen with Network NeutralityCap & TradeCard Check and a whole host of other power grabs, the Administration does not find illegality to be any sort of impediment.

The Administration’s Department of Education in June jammed through new “Gainful Employment” regulations.  (Again, without the legal authority to do so.)

These new regs leave virtually unscathed public (read: government) schools.  They are written so as to almost exclusively assault for-profit schools – threatening to pull the plug on federal aid to most of these institutions.

Nothing like equal protection before the law.  Or unlawful regulations.

To “validate” this Huge Government move, Uber-Leftist Iowa Senator Tom Harkin commissioned an undercover General Accounting Office (GAO) report on for-profit schools.

Shockingly, the fix was in – it found for-profit schools were nearly universal corrupt.

The “report” itself, however, was deeply flawed.  The GAO themselves subsequently said so.

But this is standard government operating procedure.  Issue a flawed report to “justify” new Huge Government regulations.  Impose said regulations.  Then “revise” the report.

But the regulations remain.

Harkin also held a for-profit college show trial – I mean hearing.  So biased and corrupt it was that the Committee Republicans boycotted en masse.

Think this to be merely de rigueur Hill partisanship?  Hardly – Harkin’s office was tampering with witnesses.

Now we have Eric Holder’s Justice Department backing this multi-jurisdictional foul play.  Something they are not at all averse to doing – just ask AT&T.

Justice has filed a complaint alleging:

EDMC (Education Management Corporation) falsely certified compliance with provisions of federal law that prohibit a university from paying incentive-based compensation to its admissions recruiters that is tied to the number of students they recruit.

The fact that they have outlawed performance-based incentives in education is an irony not lost on too many of us, I am sure.

Congress enacted the incentive compensation prohibition to curtail the practice of paying bonuses and commissions to recruiters, which resulted in the enrollment of unqualified students, high student loan default rates and the waste of program funds.

We can’t have private sector “enrollment of unqualified students, high student loan default rates and the waste of program funds.”

That’s what government-mandated affirmative action is for.

What are the odds that this Justice Department filing is just as accurate and authentic as the aforementioned book-cooked GAO report?

I ask this aloud simply to induce pondering.

And the clock on the “revision” starts…now.


The Obama Administration’s oft-illegal assault on all things private sector is nothing if not thorough.  These free market-seeking missiles have found targets aplenty throughout.

The nation’s for-profit colleges and universities have not been spared.

And, as always, these Leftists have not allowed facts to get in the way of a good beating.

Just another day in the Age of Obama.

More Jobs? Less Government

We have spent the last three-plus years in the Third Age of Bailout.

During which we have spent trillions of public dollars trying to create (“or save”) private sector jobs.

The results have been simultaneously disastrous and completely ineffectual.  And utterly predictable.

We on the Right were all along explaining that we have historical evidence aplenty that the public sector stealing money from the private sector to

  1. Waste a goodly portion thereof (as government always does) and then
  2. Slosh the remainder around to political supporters and cronies

is not the way to create jobs.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt deepened and deeply prolonged the Great Depression by so doing.

President Lyndon Baines Johnson increased and ensconced permanent, intergenerational poverty – by declaring War on and setting us up to spend trillions of dollars subsidizing it.

For resisting this serial economic and governmental folly, the Left has incessantly accused the Right of not having a plan to create jobs.

This ludicrous charge simultaneously reveals two immutable truths:

  1. The Left is-outside of their exhausted government-borrowing-and-spending model-totally bereft of ideas.  On private sector job creation-and most other things.  And
  2. The Right remains sorely challenged when it comes to communicating and explaining immutable truths.

Immutable truths like:

  1. The government can’t create (“or save”) private sector jobs.  President Obama’s Press Secretary (finally) acknowledged it.  What it can do is damage and outright eliminate jobs and job creators in the process of trying to do so.  Because the money government uses (so poorly) has to first be stolen from…the job creators in the private sector.  Were it instead left there, it would in fact create (and save) gigs.  And, thusly, the other side of that coin…
  2. Reducing the size, scope and sphere of influence of government is, in fact, a hay-yuge job creator – and a tremendous jobs plan.

Nature abhors a vacuum.  As government shrinks and leaves room, the private sector will immediately rush to grow and fill it.

Let us briefly examine (what should be) the obvious.

  1. As government expands, the private sector contracts.  More money to government means more less money in the private sector.  Because it is from the private sector that the government takes it.
  2. The more active government is, the less active the private sector is – a perverse and dangerous sort of Red Light-Green Light.  As we’ve seen with the President Barack Obama Administration – and its ceaselessly active and expansive Agencies, Departments, Commissions and Boards.  Private companies remain frozen in amber – not knowing when and where the next government money bomb or regulatory anvil is going to fall.  Ask not on whom the hammer falls – it may fall on thee.
  3. All of which is why government “stimulus” spending is actually bad for the economy.
    1. It inserts government-funded competitors into the marketplace, created/subsidized to compete against private companies investing private capital. Which…
    2. Freezes into inaction private companies all over the place – not just in the areas in which the government competitors have been inserted.  Because (as we said) they don’t know if the next government money bomb is going to land on their heads.  So it makes private companies wonder…
    3. Why risk my capital to invest, hire or expand – if a government-funded competitor may the next day be created/subsidized to take me on, and potentially take me down?

Thusly, when government acts (Green Light) – the private sector stops and waits (Red Light).

This is why private companies are – to much consternation from the Left – sitting on trillions of dollars of capital.  Not investing, expanding or hiring – for they (understandably) live in fear of the government’s next debilitative move.

Thusly, any proposal that makes for less government is – inherently – a jobs plan.

House Republicans just this week announced their Fall plan.  It is deregulatory, it is fairly comprehensive – and they are calling it a Jobs Agenda (which, of course, it is).

To which I say: Bravo.  Keep that push – and that messaging – going.

President Obama, meanwhile, this week announced another $1 billion in private sector regulatory abuse.

To which I say: Terrible.  And typical.  Like more than a century’s worth of typical.

We need to end all of these pro-regulatory, Huge Government pushes.  And begin the WalMart-esque tax, tax law and regulatory rollbacks.

The President on Wednesday asked for a Congressional joint session next week to give yet another of his famous problem-solving speeches – so as to announce his latest Keynesian, Huge Government, big spending “jobs plan.”

Prepare for the wondrousness of – more of the exact same with which we’ve been poisoned since at least World War I.


Which brings us to the private technology and communications sector.

Which currently serves as a pristine less government-more jobs visual aide.

The companies that provide us our Internet and cell phone access remain under the spacious regulatory confines of the 1996 Telecommunications Act – the last time Congress addressed these spheres.

As the year indicates, there was relatively little in the way of the Internet and the cell phone – so the Act intentionally left them relatively unregulated.  To allow them to grow unfettered into whatever they would become.

And that hands-off approach worked.  Huge.

Fifteen years later, the reg-free World Wide Web has become a free speech, free market Xanadu.

And cell/smart phones are increasingly bionic – perpetually becoming better, stronger and faster.

And the two spheres are becoming increasingly intertwined.  Every day brings us new and fabulous breakthroughs in the harmonic convergence of the Internet and what was once euphemistically called your “phone.”

Coincidences?  Hardly.

Less government – revolutionary freedom.

(Pun intended.  As we’ve learned from China, Iran, Syria, North Korea and the rest of the world,government involvement with the Internet is a BAD idea.)

Less government also means more opportunity.

For we are delivered word that while the rest of the American economy has now long been mired in 9+% unemployment, the tech sector rate is a tiny (by any standard) 3.3%.

Less government – many more jobs.

As (further) demonstrated by a recent report that determined that for every one regulatory bureaucrat you dump, you create 98 private sector gigs.  A year.  For each of the first five post de-regulator years.

Less government – many, many more jobs.


But we are on the verge of President Obama dropping a ginormous Tech Sector regulatory anvil right on our gourds.

In December, his Federal Communications Commission (FCC) jammed through its illegal Internet regulatory power grab so as to then impose the all-oppressive Network Neutrality.

So when this unlawful order is finally filed with the federal register in a couple of months – the free speech, free market, job-creation joy ride will be over.

Unless – we can overturn the rogue Commission’s unauthorized seizure.  Which we can do with theCongressional Review Act (CRA).

The House has already passed its portion thereof.  The Senate won’t vote on it at least until the order is officially filed.

The CRA can not be filibustered.  Which means when the time comes, only 51 Senator Ayes are required.  All 47 Republicans have promised theirs, so but four Democrats are needed.

Which we can get.  In fact, they likely can be culled from amongst the 23 Democrats up for reelection next year.

Some of whom aren’t running – they may be less than persuadable.

The rest are running.  Many of them in swing – and in some cases solidly Republican – states.

We should be able to get the requisite four.

And we should definitely work very hard to do so.

So as to place on President Obama’s desk a golden opportunity for him to put his money – and pen – where his allegedly deregulatory mouth has been.

He’s been promising less government.  Let’s give him the opportunity to make good on his word.

(Please, insert jokes here – it’s in part what the Comments section is for.

The nation’s economic recovery – from this Leftist, Huge Government malaise – requires nothing less.

New Popularity Poll: Federal Government Dead Last – Internet Industry Third Best

Editor’s Note: This first appeared in the PJ Tatler.

new Gallup poll rates the Favorable-Unfavorable numbers for a whole host of industries.

The federal government comes in absolutely last.  17% positive – 63% negative.

For the mathematically challenged (directed mostly at those in the federal government), that’s a Minus 46%.

Given – amongst their many, many other errors – our titanic and growing national deficits and debt, their fundamental unseriousness about solving the problem and the rigorous athleticism with which these proven incompetents are inserting themselves into every aspect of our lives, this unpopularity is hardly surprising.

As to the latter, we are on the verge of the federal government illegally power grabbing the Internet so as to then impose the patently absurd Network Neutrality.

Oh – and how does the Internet industry do in the poll?  Why, third best.  56% positive – just 16% negative.  For a Plus 40%.

Which leads one to wonder…

Why is the least popular industry in the nation about to in criminal fashion commandeer control of the third most popular industry?

To impose Net Neutrality – which is just about as unpopular as the federal government doing the imposing?

To “fix” an industry – that the American people obviously think doesn’t need fixing?

I for one am at a loss.

The Latest Obama Administration Fake Budget Cut ‘Proposal’

Editor’s Note: This first appeared in BigGovernment.com.

As the Tea Party and its Less Government agenda continue its ascendancy, Leftists and the DC GOP,  the establishment, chequed-golf pants Republicans, have gone through serial ideological and numerical contortions.

So as to feign the appearance of getting with the government cutting program – while carrying on with the Huge and Huger Government status quo.

One need only momentarily, cringingly recall the debt ceiling debacle for recent evidence of the Big Talk, No Action nature of all of this.

Where we saw the Tea Party, Insurgent-supported plan – which would have seriously cut and capped spending, started the ball rolling on a Balanced Budget Amendment and averted U.S. credit downgrade – be almost summarily dismissed by the DC Establishment so that they could instead force feed us a non-cutting, Super (Stupor) Committee alternative that fails utterly to address our catastrophic deficits and debt.

Wonder why Congress’ poll numbers are so low these days?  This is why.

Perhaps the worst faux government cutting offenders of all are to be found in the Barack Obama Administration.  Members thereof have been making so many head fakes towards Less Government that many must by now be suffering from whiplash.

(Luckily for them, ObamaCare has not yet gone into effect.)

Leading this disingenuous charge is the Commander in Chief his own self.

President Obama has time and again made speeches, pronouncements and proclamations allegedly professing his acknowledgement of the need to cut.  He has written editorials.  He has issued executive orders.

He has engaged in all of this fraudulence only after having been dragged kicking and screaming to the concept by those of actual Less Government mindset.

And all the while he, his Party and his fellow ideologues have thoroughly abused those calling for the type of Change in which they aren’t at all interested.

Calling them terroristsHostage takersRacists.  Telling them to go straight to Hell.  Accusing them of holding a gun to their heads.

And on, and on, and on, and….

We hope you’re enjoying the New Tone.

As always with Leftists and things they don’t want but We the People do, there are words – and there are deeds.

The Executive Branch panoply of departments, agencies and commissions was during that time frame in overdrive to execute as many power grabs via regulatory fiat as possible.

To briefly discuss but a few….

The Democrat Congress couldn’t pass the energy sector-killing Cap & Trade?  No problem, President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just began to implement it as if it did.

The Democrat Congress couldn’t pass the union-payoff, anti-free choice Employee Free Choice Act?  No problem, President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) just began to implement it as if it did.

Then there is President Obama’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – and its December 21 illegal Internet power grab executed so as to then impose the absurd Network Neutrality.

So pardon us if we don’t take too seriously the Administration’s latest pretend Less Government issuance.

White House budget chief Jacob Lew has ordered agency heads to submit spending plans for the upcoming budget at least 5 percent below this year’s levels. He also wants them to propose ways to trim a total of at least 10 percent of their spending.

Wow.  5 whole %.  Maybe.  With the potentiality of – maybe – 10%.  Staggering.

These are “submit(ted) spending plans.”  Which means these cuts are just as ethereal and phantasmagorical as those in Years Nine and Ten of the debt ceiling “deal.”

So, clearly, the Obama Administration has finally learned the lesson of the historic 2010 Less Government election.  (Read: sarcasm.)

And does this titanic (read: sarcasm) proposed cut request apply to the aforementioned FCC – currently still in the process of their aforementioned takeover of 1/6th of the American economy?

We don’t know.  We called the FCC, and left a message asking.  We haven’t heard back.

The Commission has to be in the process of exponentially increasing its budget – so as to regulate in so huge a fashion.  But they’re being asked to draft a proposal to maybe cut their budget by 5%?

Just as the Department of Health and Human Services – ginning up so as to implement the monstrous ObamaCare – is likewise laughably being asked to propose 5% in pretend cuts.

Just also as the EPA is gearing up to dramatically over-regulate our entire energy sector.  And… 5%?  Maybe?

And on, and on, and on, and….

Does anyone else see the absurdity in this?

Are these maybe-perhaps-pretend 5% cuts to be executed after said massive budgetary ramp-ups, executed so as to implement all of this Huge Government?

Not unlike Leftists’ proposed reductions in the rate of growth of the federal budget – after they just finished increasing it by an obscene 29% in just the last four years?

What we’re seeing is ginormous increases in the federal Leviathan – subsequently back-door locked-in by 5% cut proposals to the new, gigantic amount.

These tiny proposed cuts will most likely never come to pass.  But the huge increases will have already done so.

And thusly does the Less Government seriousness of the Obama Administration and the DC Establishment (read: sarcasm) – and our rocket ride to Huge Government oblivion – continue unabated.

Big Government Leftists Never Allow Facts to Get in the Way of a Good Beating

Editor’s Note: This first appeared in BigGovernment.com.

We have oft-written about the flagrant disingenuousness of very many of the D.C. political class.

What those of us here in the Real World refer to as “lying.”

This serial falsehood-ity is executed in large part to buttress and bolster a Huge Government agenda – which these D.C. Denizens wish to continue implementing, but to which We the People are demonstrably opposed.

How else, for example, to explain the Democrat-led United States Senate defiantly and illegally refusing for more than 800 days to pass a budget?

They would rather shirk a fundamental job responsibility – and break the law doing it – than tell We the People just how much they want to grow the already obscenely obese federal Leviathan.

Which brings us to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Which has – in pursuit of their portion of the Barack Obama Administration Huge Government itinerary – taken serial liberties with the truth.

So as to under false pretenses assassinate the character of the private Internet sector.  So as to ultimately assassinate the private Internet sector.

How do we know this?  Because Robert McChesney, the Godfather of the Media Marxist “reformers” – whose bidding the FCC is subserviently doing – has said so:

“(T)he ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.”

The FCC has – bereft of any evidence – lied to us about mythical “evil” corporations that will block our access to websites so as to “justify” their imposition of the ridiculous and totalitarianism-inducing Network Neutrality.

They’ve lied to us about the broadband Internet market – two times giving the private sector an “F” for having achieved 95% and then 98% access for American consumers.

(T)hey must pretend that what is undoubtedly the most successful portion of the private sector – possibly ever – is failing.  To “warrant” their more illegal actions to come.

Their desired ends justify ANY – even these most absurd – means.

They’ve lied to us about Internet sector jobs – to which we’ve been allegedly “denied access.”

(T)hey claim that the scant 2% of Americans not having access to broadband is somehow “denying access” to gigs and fiscal prospects to “approximately 26 million Americans.”

All of this ridiculousness is proffered to foment a false crisis that requires as its solution – why of course, more Huge Government.

Without action by the FCC in partnership with the states and the private sector, prospects for broadband service in many of the areas cited in the Report will remain unacceptably low.

That’s 98% access – that the D.C. Denizens have deemed “unacceptably low.”

Think of all the abysmal government failures that have but a fraction of this private sector success rate, despite trillions in taxpayer coin wasted in the effort.  For which the Denizens are now fighting tooth and nail for even more coin – unfettered by any conditions or analysis of their “unacceptably low” performances.

A large part of the FCC’s ongoing “The private Internet sector has failed you” storyline has been their repeated assertion that the “evil” Internet companies are lying to you (projection, anyone?) – that the broadband speeds they advertise are faster than they deliver.

Then came last week.

Last week brought us a scientific, measured report on the broadband speeds being delivered by many of the nation’s largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

And what does the report say?

On average, during peak periods DSL-based services delivered download speeds that were 82 percent of advertised speeds, cable-based services delivered 93 percent of advertised speeds, and fiber-to-the-home services delivered 114 percent of advertised speeds.

Not quite the 98% broadband Internet access number that the FCC gave a failing grade – but the Commission knows that this is not an all-the-time exact science.

These results are so good, in fact, that the Commission has basically praised the “evil” Industry for them.

Maybe at least in part because said report was called for and conducted by – the FCC its own self.

Will this FCC acknowledgement of this facet of the free speech, free market Xanadu that is the Internet lead to more such admissions – and thereby less (mostly illegal) regulations?  Here’s hoping  – but I for one won’t halt respiratory activity in the meantime.

Does the fact that the FCC commissioned the report – and lauded the results – mean the Huge Government Media Marxists won’t assert it is an “evil” corporate conspiracy and summarily dismiss it?

Sadly, no.

“No matter how industry tries to put a positive spin on these results, the report shows conclusively that many Americans are simply not getting what they pay for.”

Because Huge Government Leftists never allow facts to get in the way of a good beating.

If these clowns can here continue to stand in willful defiance of readily obvious facts – facts even their FCC fellow travelers acknowledge – one has to wonder on how much else they are just as willfully, woefully and disingenuously wrong.

And to wonder why anyone still takes them at all seriously.

Congress Shouldn’t Lend Backdoor Legitimacy to the FCC’s Illegitimate Power

We have discussed – often and at great length – the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s illegal, Congressional end-run power grabs.

On, for example, both the wired (your Ethernet cable) and wireless (your cell phone, iPad, etc.) Internet – so as to impose the absurd Network Neutrality.

The Commission has abused its media merger approval authority – by unilaterally writing destructive “law” into merger agreements, disguised as “voluntarily” acquiesced-to merger “conditions.”

The most recent example being the pages and pages of extra-legal demands forced upon the Comcast-NBC Universal deal.

“Conditions” which included, by the way, a seven-year Net Neutrality requirement. To which Comcast has to adhere regardless of the almost inevitable overturn – either legislatively or judicially – of the FCC’s Web usurpation.

All of this FCC “law”-writing is well outside its legal purview. If they want to engage in creating legislation, they need to quit the Commission and run for Congress.

They didn’t have the authority to impose Net Neutrality in the first place. They certainly did not have it to then superimpose Net Neutrality on the Comcast-NBC deal.

But because the FCC has a gun to the head of every media company seeking to conduct a private sector merger, Comcast had to “voluntarily” do what their FCC overlords demanded – no matter how abusive or illegal – or the Commissars wouldn’t allow their merger.

Ahh, the free market at work.

Which brings us to the FCC’s next opportunity to illegally create law under the guise of “conditions” – the spectrum bandwidth auctions.

Quick definition: Spectrum is the allocated airwaves. Used by broadcast radio and television (not cable TV), satellite radio and TV, cell phones – and even Bluetooth headsets, garage door openers and car key fobs.

Just about anything that does anything wirelessly.

There’s all sorts of spectrum, some of it high quality, some of it not. Let us use the Monopoly analogy – there’s Boardwalk and Park Place spectrum, and there’s Mediterranean and Baltic Avenue spectrum.

And we’re running out of free-for-use spectrum. Take five seconds to think about all the things we do without cords these days, and you’ll understand why.

There are myriad reasons for the looming shortage. (A chief driver of the crunch is the Web – and specifically Web video, which chews up a ton of airspace. Google’s YouTube – and their app on your iPhone – is a principle contributor.)

So we need Congressional legislation to create the next round of spectrum bandwidth auctions.

(Which is further fomenting a great and growing prospective battle between the radio and TV broadcasters – who have spectrum aplenty, but who aren’t using all of it optimally or at all – and the phone companies – who will be needing the eternal More. But there’s much more to this, so let’s not go there – here. At least for now.)

The absolute last thing we need is the Congress inadvertently – or deliberately – back-dooring the FCC any sort of legislative “conditions” imprimatur via the spectrum auction law.

Meaning: Don’t write a spectrum bill that even intimates the FCC has this far-reaching, seemingly limitless “conditions” authority – which they’ve illegitimately claimed on mergers – on these auctions.

Meaning: Don’t cram the spectrum auction law with a whole host of Leftist ideological claptrap “conditions” – to which purchasers have to adhere. If you do it, the FCC will think they can go hog wild. Or – hog wilder.

Back to the Monopoly analogy: It’s like artificially creating a bunch of liens on a property’s title. And then trucking in spotted owls, snail darters – and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulators.

The spectrum auction conditions build in serious property devaluation. An auction that should produce billions of dollars would thusly render millions. The higher the cost of complying with all of the governmental inanity, the lower the price the spectrum purchasers are willing to pay.

How do we know this? It’s exactly what happened the last time the FCC auctioned spectrum. They loaded it up with “conditions,” and the resulting cash net was a fraction of what was expected.

So Congressional legislation delineating the next spectrum auction should proscribe such conditions. For free market, governmental revenue – and FCC illegal power grab reasons.

Any intimation of Congressional conditions on the auction will – in the minds of Huge Government activists – be the exact same as giving Congressional blessing to the FCC conditioning the heck out of any and everything.

Spectrum auctions, mergers – anything of which the FCC can think.

You’ve recently heard the Left repeatedly clamor for a “clean” federal debt ceiling hike. Which meant raising it with no conditions – so that Huge Government could continue getting huger unabated.

It is in Congress’s spectrum auction law where cleanliness is next to Godliness.

A clean law would – among other very positive things – not lend any sort of legislative legitimacy to the FCC’s ongoing and serial rogue lawmaking.

Since Congress is looking to rein it in, they shouldn’t build it in.

The Debt Ceiling Debate – Yet Another Example of DC Giving Us What We Don’t Want

The entire political landscape is currently engulfed in debt ceiling flames, for largely artificial and concocted reasons.

This man-made inferno is now centered around and fixated upon the August 2 so-called “drop dead” date for reaching a deal to raise the nation’s borrowing limit.

If we do not by then do so, we are told, America will go into default.

Which is little more than repetitive absurdity.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has already given us numerous such “drop dead” dates. March 31? April 15? May 16? May 31? July 8? July 22? These were all “drop dead” dates with which Geithner previously tried to concern us.

Now we’re even being told it’s as likely to be August 10 as any of the others.

In short, on this federal government power grab disguised as a fiscal “crisis,” Lil’ Timmy Geithner is many times over the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

These ever-rolling “drop dead” dates prove (at least) one additional thing: conservative Republican leverage for a deal to their liking indubitably increases every day after the date passes – else Geithner would not be so keen on repeatedly moving it.

As with these myriad others, August 2 is only a drop dead date mostly in the minds of Leftists and the Media (please pardon the redundancy) – who wish to manufacture a crisis so that they can then not let it go to waste.

We can no longer borrow money after August 2 – we will still be collecting tons of coin via taxes and fees. To the tune of approximately $200 billion per month – not at all an untidy sum.

But that $2.4 trillion in federal money to be collected this year is dwarfed by the $3.82 trillion we are planning to spend.

(The latter number we’ve reached with a monstrous 29% increase in profligacy in just the last four years.)

And this is one of the many Alice in Wonderland moments in this debt ceiling debate.

We’re borrowing about 40% of the money we’re spending – but that is somehow not the crisis. The “crisis,” we are told, is our not granting ourselves permission to continue doing so.

Thusly do we go through the Looking Glass and down the rabbit hole.

But the other side of that coin is that we still have access to 60% of the money we spend. Which means we are in absolutely no danger of defaulting on our debt.

We can also easily cover the Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, military and veterans’ payments President Barack Obama and others have of late (yet again) shaken like a shibboleth.

So while we will not be able to cover all of the 80 million checks Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner says the feds cut each month, we can easily pick and choose our way around any potential land mines – both real, and fabricated for political purposes.

(And here’s another Lewis Carroll moment – 80 million checks a month? I will bet all the money in my pockets versus all the money in your pockets that the Founding Fathers did not design the Constitution and its government with the intention of it cutting 80 million checks in a century – let alone every thirty days.)

And here’s another dirty little secret the Left and the Media (again, apologies) vociferously insist on not sharing with us. We the People are overwhelmingly opposed to a debt ceiling raise of any kind, under any conditions – by about 2-1.

What we currently have in Washington is a Republican Party agreeing to raise the debt ceiling – the biggest of all compromises – in exchange for fundamental, structural budgeting reform.

Reform of which We the People are in favor – by about 2-1.

And a Democrat Party playing politics – disingenuously demagoguing these genuine, genuinely favored efforts, while offering no substantive plans of their own.

The Leftist-Media nexus is attempting to force-feed us demonstrably false stories – that we must raise the ceiling so as to avoid defaulting on our debt and stiffing seniors, the poor – all the “most vulnerable Americans,” and that the latest, overwhelmingly popular Republican proposal to repair the long-term damage is the “worst piece of legislation” ever.

We the People aren’t buying.


All of this is in ways very similar to how we arrived at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s illegal December Internet power grab – so that they could then impose the absurd Network Neutrality.

Like with the debt ceiling power grab, the Leftist-Media nexus has been long force feeding us scary – and mythical – Net Neutrality stories. About evil corporations that would block us from the Web content we wanted.

Like with the coming – and going – of the many debt ceiling raises, we kept waiting for the alleged Internet terribleness to transpire – and it never did.

Like with the debt ceiling power grab, Net Neutrality was woefully unpopular with We the People. In fact more so. 95 Democrats signed a pro-Net Neutrality pledge in advance of the 2010 election – and all 95 lost.

And in substantive ways, the Net Neutrality power grab is in fact even worse.

On the debt ceiling, you have representatives from both political Parties going along with the terrible joke – pretending that we must raise the roof by this latest “drop dead” date to avoid alleged default.

On Net Neutrality, you had 302 members of the then overwhelmingly Democrat Congress telling the FCC not to do what they ended up doing.

(Not to mention the Democrat-led D.C. Circuit Court – which ruled unanimously that the FCC doesn’t have the authority to do anything to the Internet.)

On the debt ceiling raise, you have several large Democrat-paragon unions fighting on the side of increasing Huge Government.

On Net Neutrality, you had and have several large Democrat-paragon unions vocally opposed.

Not to mention myriad others that are usually almost always in Democrat lockstep – including seventeen minority groups, several racial grievance groups and an anti-free market environmentalist group.

See? Net Neutrality is – even worse.


Both the debt ceiling increase and the FCC Net Neutrality usurpation are insufferable federal power grabs.

That are incredibly unpopular with We the People.

We who have to repeatedly cede our freedoms and our coin in acquiescence to our alleged “representatives.”

Who routinely, rigidly flout or will – rather than represent it. And dictate – rather than listen – to us.

The lessons of 2010 were clearly never learned. They must be retaught in 2012.

Breaking News: When the Government Raises Costs on Businesses, Businesses Raise Costs for Consumers

Editor’s Note: This first appeared in BigGovernment.com.

More Breaking News: As you may have noticed, the sun rose again today.

The Huge Government crowd always demands ever more regulations of and more taxes on those who do the hiring in the United States – the “evil corporations” who don’t care about anything but “obscene profits.”

The Huge Government crowd is, of course, woefully ignorant about how businesses – and business – work.

The “evil corporations” can’t make “obscene profits” unless they care about something else – what their customers want.

Customers almost always want the same thing from every company – the best possible goods/services at the lowest possible price.

The companies that best deliver this do well. The ones that do not, do not.

Pretty simple stuff. But it is stuff that fully eludes the Huge Government crowd.

Another facet of their glittering business ignorance is their utter failure to grasp that when they raise the cost of doing business – whether by raising taxes or imposing more regulations – they raise prices for consumers.

Which belies the alleged raison d’etre for the “consumer interest” groups – who claim to be interested in the consumer, but somehow always end up on the side of Huge Government.

This Huge Government gaggle seem to operate under the absurd assumption that businesses have pots of money just sitting around – into which they simply dip whenever the Huge Government crowd makes it more expensive for them to do what they do.

Here on Planet Earth, that isn’t the case.


Which brings us to the Netherlands, the United States and Network Neutrality.

The Netherlands last month imposed a strict brand of Net Neutrality – which will dramatically increase the cost of doing business for Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

So this week the largest Dutch telecom – KPN – announced big across-the-board price hikes.


KPN had to charge everyone more – because Net Neutrality prohibits them from charging those who use more bandwidth more.

The petroleum equivalent would be the person buying fifty gallons of gasoline and the person that purchases five paying the same amount for the fill-up.

Stupid, huh?

Net Neutrality is forcing grandparents who do nothing more than email their grandchildren to pick up the additional tab for bandwidth hogs like online movie addicts and online gamers.

Oh, and Google.

This monstrous company (with huge profits, yet paying virtually no taxes) use tons and tons of bandwidth – but pushed for Net Neutrality regulations here in the U.S. to make us pay their freight.

But wait, you say. Aren’t they also an “evil corporation?”

No, they are on the side of the angels. Or at least the Democrats.

Google was also a hay-yuge supporter of President Barack Obama in his 2008 run for the gig.

Google Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Eric Schmidt was then named to President Obama’s transition advisory board, and then to the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

So Google gets a pass on all the “evil corporation” talk – and they get what they want out of President Obama and his fellow Democrats.

Like Net Neutrality.

In less than three months, our version of Net Neutrality will go into effect. Soon thereafter, we will almost surely begin paying more for our Internet.

So as to subsidize Friends of Obama like Google.

Stupid, huh?

Just another fabulous example of the business cluelessness – and political hackery – of those of Huge Government mindset.

Media Marxists Run Fraudulent Reuters Story — Only Reuters Issues Correction

Editor’s Note: This first appeared in Pajamas Media Tatler.

Free Press is the Bozo leader of the Insane Clown Posse that is the the Media Marxist media “reform” movement.

These are the people working to make the government be our sole source of news, information and communications.

If this is how they treat the facts – and it is – we should all hope Free Press & Company fail.

On July 13, Free Press’s daily email dose of disinformation lead with a Reuters story, which they excerpted thusly:

It Pays to Be Murdoch. Just Ask the U.S. Government

Rupert Murdoch may not garner as much attention for his financial savvy as he does for his journalistic escapades, which last week led to the shuttering of Britain’s oldest tabloid. But that doesn’t make his money management any less impressive. Over the past four years Murdoch’s U.S.-based News Corp. has made money on income taxes.

Please note the last line:

“Over the past four years Murdoch’s U.S.-based News Corp. has made money on income taxes.”

Only problem there is – it’s incorrect and untrue. To which Reuters columnist David Cay Johnston copped the next day on National Public Radio:

Columnist: Error About News Corp. Was ‘Big Screw-Up On My Part’

While he can explain how it happened, Reuters columnist David Cay Johnston says “there’s no excuse” for the huge mistake he made Tuesday when he wrote that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. had received billions of dollars in tax refunds from the U.S. government in recent years — when in fact it had paid billions of dollars in federal taxes.

“This is a big screw-up on my part,” he told Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep earlier today.

Kudos to Johnston for acknowledging the fumble.

Free Press has – as of yet – done no such thing. To paraphrase the Richard Nixon affair – it’s not the screw-up, it’s the cover-up.

A trip to their home page reveals, instead, more attacks on Murdoch.

These are the people who want to define what “quality journalism” really is.

And, again, help the government commandeer control of all our news, information and communications – so that the Leviathan can also get into the “quality journalism” definition business.

Their’s is, of course, an Orwellian definition of “Free Press.”

Two of my life maxims are:

Liberals never allow facts to get in the way of a good beating.


Being liberal means never having to say you’re sorry.

They are intended as cautionary tales – not as suggestions for the likes of Free Press.

The Media’s Media Matters Blackout

Editor’s Note: This first appeared in PajamasMedia.com.

The Jurassic Press – a.k.a. the old school, anything-but-mainstream news media – is enjoying a very quiet laugh at the expense of one of their competitors – the Fox News Channel.

Quiet – as in they’re not saying a word about the all-encompassing, possibly illegal abuse Fox News is experiencing at the hands of the George Soros-funded (to the tune of $1 million) hack-outfit Media Matters for America.

Fox News is arguably the Jurassic Press’ only competitor – in the sense that it is just about the only news outlet not hopelessly Leftist in perspective and presentation.

Not at all coincidentally, Fox News is also about the only news outlet currently adding to its audience – while the amused and bemused many are hemorrhaging viewers, readers and listeners.

So the media’s news-free zone here is at least in part self-serving. After all, Media Matters is doing what they can not – beat Fox News.

Not in the ratings, but with a multi-million dollar dishonest-rhetoric bat.

Media Matters was co-founded by current Barack Obama Administration Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton – something which she proudly proclaims.

Her fellow founder? David Brock, the fallen conservative journalist who thereafter drifted Leftward. And he runs the show.

Media Matters is an alleged media “monitor” that describes itself on its website thusly:

Launched in May 2004, Media Matters for America put in place, for the first time, the means to systematically monitor a cross section of print, broadcast, cable, radio, and Internet media outlets for conservative misinformation….

Note the bolded phrase (emphasis ours) – “a cross section.”

In or about March, Brock announced Media Matters was dramatically diminishing said cross section – by openly declaring “war on Fox.” (The official announcement came just after Soros’ $1 million check cleared – we’re sure that was merely a coincidence.)

The above link is to the only Jurassic Press outlet we could find that mentions this story at all. (All hail Politico’s Ben Smith – the Bruce Willis of Huge Journalism.)

Brock says Media Matters will hound Fox News with “guerrilla warfare and sabotage.” For instance:

Media Matters, Brock said, is assembling opposition research files not only on Fox’s top executives but on a series of midlevel officials. It has hired an activist who has led a successful campaign to press advertisers to avoid Glenn Beck’s show. The group is assembling a legal team to help people who have clashed with Fox to file lawsuits for defamation, invasion of privacy or other causes. And it has hired two experienced reporters, Joe Strupp and Alexander Zaitchik, to dig into Fox’s operation to help assemble a book on the network, due out in 2012 from Vintage/Anchor.

This isn’t “media analysis.” This is a multi-million dollar Leftist hit squad.


Brock is doing all of this because, he claims, Fox News has become the titular head of the Republican Party.

And herein is a probable legal problem for Media Matters.

Media Matters is registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501(c)3 organization. I will let esteemed attorney C. Boyden Grey explain what that means:

(T)hat is, an organization that can receive tax-deductible contributions to engage in educational activities. The more precise purpose was to counter alleged media bias and so to “identify occurrences of excessive bias in the American media, educate the public as to their existence, and to work with members of the media to reduce them.”

What (Media Matters for America) MMA actually is doing, however, moves far afield from identifying possible bias to mounting a campaign to undermine a major media outlet and to promote the Democratic Party and progressive causes associated with it. Mr. Brock himself has described this new strategy as “a war on Fox,” an effort “to disrupt [Rupert Murdoch‘s] commercial interests” and look for ways to turn regulators against News Corp.’s media outlets.

MMA’s activities should disallow its tax-exempt status in two fundamental ways. First, IRS rulings make clear that attacks on individuals, statement of positions that are unsupported by facts and use of inflammatory language and other distortions will cost an organization its tax-free status. Second, in declaring “guerrilla warfare” on Fox as the “leader” and “mouthpiece” of the Republican Party and in developing a sophisticated Democratic-leaning media training boot camp, MMA has transformed itself into an aggressive advocate for Democratic and progressive causes and thus produced a second deviation from exempt educational activities.

Again, a Leftist hit squad – in apparent violation of their tax-exempt status.

Per Brock’s own words. If he views Fox News as the head of the Republican Party – and he’s publicly dedicated his organization to going after it – than Media Matters has ceased to be an “educational” entity, and has become a political one.

And that seemingly places Media Matters in violation of their tax-exempt charter. Their very existence should be under serious investigation.

By President Obama’s IRS. Please don’t halt respiratory activity in the waiting for that to occur.

Being liberal means never having to say you’re sorry. Or having to adhere to the law the way the rest of us here on Planet Earth do.

Racialist shakedown artist Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition – another tax-exempt joint – looks to be a serial violator of IRS law. But as Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly pointed out way back in 2001, that has hardly mattered.

(I)n 1998, the Rainbow Push Coalition cited 1.2 million dollars in travel expenses. But no receipts were provided in the Illinois tax return. You try that.

In 1982, the IRS reviewed Jackson’s nonprofit status. About one million dollars was unaccounted for. Jackson was ordered to repay about seven hundred thousand to the government. It took him years to do it. The IRS did not charge him interest or a penalty. You try to get that deal.

Jesse Jackson is a millionaire but does not have a full-time job. He gets paid to speak and apparently has a steady income flow. He provided his mistress with $40,000 in moving expenses, a $365,000 house and $10,000 a month in child support. Was any of that tax-exempt money? Enquiring minds would like to know.

The government seems to be afraid of Jesse Jackson. He has not been audited since 1982, even though he was a million light. The press is afraid of Jackson, as well. The New York Times played the mistress story on page 26.

The media and the government afraid of Jackson? Maybe. Are they of like-Huge Government mind and therefore far less likely to investigate? Methinks yes.


David Brock and his Media Matters officially declared war on Fox News about four months ago – and as we said, our search revealed only the one story since on the Web. The Jurassic Press is dumb.

And deaf. And blind. And utterly incurious. The Washington Post reported on all of this last December – but completely by accident, and they completely missed the story for the trees.

Entitled “Outfoxed by Fox News? No way,” it begins:

It takes only an instant for a visitor to Media Matters for America’s headquarters in downtown Washington to sense its mission, if not its methods. A few steps into its modern offices, which resemble a newspaper newsroom, a pair of prominently displayed signs spell out the basics: “Fox Keeps Fear Alive,” reads one; “Restore Sanity, Fight Fox,” reads its companion.

Fighting Fox is what Media Matters does, relentlessly and obsessively. In the six years since its founding, the watchdog group has evolved from an all-purpose scourge of the conservative media into Fox News Channel’s veritable shadow and constant irritant. From well before sunrise to long after it each day, teams of young researchers sift through video clips and transcripts of programs hosted by Fox stars such as Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly to find dubious facts, logical contradictions and poisonous – at least to Media Matters’ liberal sensibilities – rhetoric.

(Emphasis ours.)

It’s very easy to miss the story – malevolently or benignly – when you’re both sympathetic to and fond of the person and entity on which you’re reporting.


Let us juxtapose this gigantic Jurassic Press mess with the very recently breaking story of Fox News Channel owner – and thusly Leftist bete noir – Rupert Murdoch’s problems with his British paper News of the World. Which he’s now shut down after it came to light that they had hacked telephones in pursuit of stories.

Like the Media Matters prospective illegality, this too is a big story – and it deserves coverage. Which it has gotten – in heaps and buckets.

Because the Jurassic Press doesn’t miss the story when they are unsympathetic to and unfond of the person and entity on which they are reporting.

The media has for months missed the fact that the government should probably yank Media Matters’ tax-exempt status.

But they are lightning fast to point out potential government action against Murdoch and Fox News. On ABC’s This Week this week, “journalist” (and a person in whose organization Murdoch once invested) Stephen Brill helpfully suggested:

Well, there is an issue here in the United States…. News Corps has a lot of FCC licenses. There is still a clause in the federal communications law that requires that you have to be of good character to have such a license. And I was reading last night just in the approval that they gave to Comcast to take over NBC, there was actually some guy who challenged the character of Comcast, because when they installed a cable system somewhere they had hurt his building and hadn’t paid for it. And this became a big legal proceeding, actually.

So, here, I am reasonably certain that someone, you know, maybe someone from the political left or whoever, is going to make a big deal of, you know, whether they are fit to have their FCC licenses under the current management.

And there slinks David Brock and Media Matters – ready to vociferously take Brill’s absurd suggestion.

Yet another opportunity for Leftist hacks to improperly and irresponsibly slam their opponents with the massive hammer of government – and it’s the Jurassic Press pointing out the opening.

But Leftist hacks are in apparent violation of the law – and government action is actually warranted – and the media is deafeningly silent.

Just another day in America’s pseudo-“news” rooms.