At the 11th Hour, Democrats Decide to Campaign on … Net Neutrality?

Editor’s Note: This first appeared in the Washington Examiner.

The 2010 Washington, D.C. cycle has been extraordinary.

We are on the verge of what appears to be an historic demographic shift in Congress. Some vaporous prognosticators are talking about a possible 100 Republican addition to the House of Representatives. Those somewhat fevered predictions aside, nearly all indicators do point to a huge pro-Elephant shift in both the House and Senate.

This is largely the result of two sides of an electoral coin. A cataclysmic Democrat overreach and the resulting and ongoing Party implosion – and the growth of the Tea Party Movement into the expanding void.

With each terrible bill the majority Party foisted upon us – the alleged “stimulus,” ObamaCare, the cap & tax on energy, so-called financial “reform” and on and on – they repeatedly demonstrated strident ideology in direct defiance of the people they were elected to represent. And their proposals continually assaulted an ailing economy they had campaigned pledging to fix.

So Campaign Season 2010 arrives, and the Democrats can’t run on ANYTHING they have just spent the last two years doing. Their entire legislative slate, their agenda – their worldview – are all woefully unpopular with the people whose votes they are now seeking.

For the Democrats, no issue is safe – not the economy, not health care, not jobs – nothing that matters to almost any voter.

So Thursday’s announcement was more than a bit surprising – and for the (out-going) majority Party, again self-defeating. 95 Democrats finally found an issue on which they were willing to campaign – and it’s… Network Neutrality?

Now – and I say this as someone who spends a great deal of time working on the issue, and it is in fact of vital importance to the nation’s future – almost no one beyond the Beltway cares about Net Neutrality. Very few of the people headed to the polls on Tuesday have even heard of it. I would guess that for less than 10 – voters, not percent – is it a #1, make-or-break item.

These people are instead looking to hear about real solutions to real problems. To now chronic nearly 10% unemployment. To the largest tax increase in our nation’s history looming over us in the new year. To $5 trillion dollars of new debt avalanched upon us in just the last four years.

All subjects the Democrats have avoided like the Bubonic Plague. Instead, 95 of them give us – Net Neutrality, which is a fake solution running around looking for a problem.

For the vast majority of voters, the Internet is working just fine – just ask them. Net Neutrality – like ObamaCare, like the cap & tax on energy, like the entire last two years – is a Leftist agenda item, not an answer to any question any American is asking.

Yet this is the issue on which these 95 Democrats choose to campaign. 95 Democrats, I might add, who are – almost to a man and woman – likely to lose their races.

In reality, this is nothing more than a swan song Net Neutrality pledge by a bunch of lame duck candidates – taking the Media Marxist hit for the team. It’s Leftist grace on the cheap.

This pledge-taking street theater is yet another reminder of what we’ve been saying all along – that there is staggeringly little support for the ridiculous noti