Network-RedStopnetregulation.org is a project of the Center for Individual Freedom focused on providing news, commentary, alerts and analysis on the Obama Administration’s latest effort to commandeer the Internet and regulate it like a public utility.

Over the past two decades, the Internet has flourished and revolutionized our lives precisely because it has remained free of government overregulation.  Recently, however, Obama’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed new rules that could reclassify broadband Internet as a monopoly-era plain old telephone service of decades past (aka common carrier telecommunications service) under Title II of the Communications Act.

Imagine the Internet being hampered with so much regulation that it is run much the same way as your local water, gas or electric company.  Title II regulation, in many ways, would be even worse.

Simply put, the federal government micromanaging the Internet is a dangerous scheme, one that Congress must halt and the FCC must abandon.  StopNetRegulation.org is dedicated to that effort, to ensuring that the Internet remains free from heavy-handed government regulations.

We can succeed, but we need your help!