95 PCCC Pro-Net Neutrality Democrats All Lost On Tuesday-and PCCC Raised Less Than $300 On It

Editor’s Note: This first appeared in the Washington Examiner.

As we wrote last Monday, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) enlisted a gaggle of Democrats to sign on to their pro-Network Neutrality pledge just in time for Tuesday’s floodwater-washout election.

It worked like a charm (note: sarcasm). Every last one of these pro-Net Neutrality Democrats lost their races.

But this electoral goose egg was not the only newest, latest exhibition of Net Neutrality’s utter irrelevance to the American people. The PCCC’s fundraising prowess on the issue has also been decidedly lackluster – more on that in a moment.

First let us address the exact number of Democrats who signed the PCCC’s Net Neutrality pledge. That is a point of some contention – at least as far as their website is concerned. They themselves can’t seem to get it straight.

We were told by the numerous news reports that 95 sacrificial lambs/Donkeys had signed on with the PCCC’s pro-Net Neutrality push. But the PCCC website gives us three different numbers – on their home page alone.

At the top of the page, it asks us to “Join 200 candidates…” in favor of Net Neutrality.

Meanwhile, the text at the top left says “over 95 bold Democratic candidates…” have signed the pledge. Which means at least 96.

But the list of Democrat signers on the page numbers exactly 95 – a number also trumpeted in the blue box featuring signer and still non-elected official Ann Kuster.

So it appears they were aiming high, missed way low – and on Election Day ended up with nothing and no one.

Now, let us examine the PCCC’s woeful lack of fundraising prowess on the issue. On which they are just as confused and somehow perhaps even more unsuccessful.

If you check their Act Blue Net Neutrality fundraising page, you find – at the time of this writing – that they have garnered NINE whole contributors kicking in a whopping $293.

That’s the towering high end. On the Act Blue page listing all contributors and amounts for all Act Blue projects – again, at the time of this writing – the “bold Net Neutrality champions!!” item lists only EIGHT contributors for an enormous $85.

That ninth contributor – if he or she actually exists – more than tripled the total take all by themself. With his or her just over 200